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We provide an extensive variety of solar equipment that is widely demanded by our clients for its cost-effectiveness, durability and reliable performance. Our range of solar equipment includes solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar cookers, solar panels. These are appreciated for their environment-friendliness help in saving electricity.
Ronds weatherTune technology
Ronds weatherTune technology is an advanced concept developed by Ronds Solar which adds Extend Self Analyzing Battery Backup to its outdoor lighting applications. When the weather is bad the micro controller will analyze the battery backup and reduce the luminosity to provide uninterrupted light through out the night. It also helps to increases the life of the battery. The weatherTune algorithm will automatically adjust the light settings to weather conditions in less than 5days.
Ronds R-regulate technology
Ronds has developed a new technology(R-Regulate) which helps to reduce the battery size and panel size for our outdoor and street lighting applications. When ordinary systems use 35 watt solar panel to provide light for 8- 10 hrs backup with a CFL lamp or a high watt LED, Ronds uses only 8 watt panel to produce the same light with a back up of 12 hrs. The R-Regulate technology can significantly reduce the production cost to 1/5th and there by it helps to reduce the price of the total solar system.
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09-03-11 :- Introduced Solar Lantern with 15-20Hrs backup.
11-07-2011 :- Introduced 8 Watt Bright LED solar Spot Light with 12v Battery.
05-08-2011 :- Introduced 24 Watt Bright LED solar Street Light with 12v Battery.

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