Solar Power Pack for Home UPS

Ronds Solar Power Pack for home inverters/ups is a ready to install solar power package for your existing home inverter. Any normal inverter can be converted to a solar inverter by adding Ronds Solar Power Pack. Solar power pack is available in all range starting from 100 Watt SPV system.

  • Automatic change over between Mains & Solar
  • Customizable Operation Modes (Hybrid or Solar)
  • Automatic Changeover to Solar Operations when battery is fully charged from Solar Panel
  • Automated Complaint Tracking and Ticketing
  • System Logs for Daily Operations History
  • System Logs for Charging and Discharging History
  • Automated Complaint Logging for unexpected issues
  • Cost Effective Communication System using patented (pending) technology.
  •  Advanced Solar charging technology with remote Monitoring
Ronds Digital Solar Inverters

Ronds Solar Inverters are developed to support all home appliances such as Lights, Fan, Television, Mixer Grinder etc. It is a fully automated Solar Inverter which supports both solar operations and Hybrid Operations with AC Mains. Ronds has implemented an advanced mechanism to store/record the solar charging and usage history of the inverters which helps in the computer enabled trouble-shooting of the system.

Ronds Automated Power Source Selection Mechanism

Ronds APSS (Automated Power Source Selection) mechanism is an inbuilt method to implement the maximum usage of solar power. APSS mechanism will automatically switch between mains power supply and solar power at different events as given below,

  1. When the battery is full from the daylight, APSS mechanism will switch the power source to solar power, to ensure the maximum usage of solar power
  2. When there is no mains supply, power source will be changed to solar inverter unit.
  3. User can set timer events, where the TPSS mechanism will switch the power source to solar inverter at the timer event and switch back to AC Mains, when battery is discharged to a particular level.
  4. If the inverter cant handle the power request from the load, APSS will switch the power source to AC mains, automatically
Our Products


09-03-11 :- Introduced Solar Lantern with 15-20Hrs backup.
11-07-2011 :- Introduced 8 Watt Bright LED solar Spot Light with 12v Battery.
05-08-2011 :- Introduced 24 Watt Bright LED solar Street Light with 12v Battery.

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