Solar Panels

Available with us is a high quality range of solar panels that is widely used for generating electricity in an efficient and prompt manner, by using solar energy. These solar panels are especially designed to combat the increasing concern of global warming through reduction in greenhouse gas emission. The power range of these solar panels varies from 3 watt to 300 watt, depending upon the specific requirements of the clients.


  • Little space needed
  • Easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Easy to clean

Solar Panel Installation Tips
Solar Panels are typically installed on rooftops, building tops, or as stand-alone facilities. It is vital to install your solar panel so that it gets the most direct sun exposure - you want to make sure your solar panel is maximally effective year round.

Position your solar panel in direct sunlight
Solar Panels perform at optimum capacity when placed in direct sunlight. Try to position your photovoltaic array directly under the noontime sun for maximum efficiency from your photovoltaic unit.

Notice obstructions to sunlight
All items unnecessary items or trim branches that may be blocking sunlight to your solar panel. Trace the path of the sun in the sky to determine if an object is casting a shadow over your solar photovoltaic panels. If this is the case, then the operating efficiency of your unit will undoubtedly suffer.

Mounting your Solar Panel
Solar Panel Mounts are used to install photovoltaic solar panels. Solar panel mounts come in three main varieties: pole mounts, roof-ground mounts, and flush mounts. Using these mounts, you can install your solar panel onto an RV, on top of or against the side of a pole, on your roof, or even install them as a free-standing unit. You can learn more about installing solar panels using mounts in our mounts section.

Our Products


09-03-11 :- Introduced Solar Lantern with 15-20Hrs backup.
11-07-2011 :- Introduced 8 Watt Bright LED solar Spot Light with 12v Battery.
05-08-2011 :- Introduced 24 Watt Bright LED solar Street Light with 12v Battery.

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